WebCOM, GoReact, and Text Book

WebCOM = http://www.grtep.com (website used for CMST 1545 and 1545H)

Section#'s:  9:30a - 11:00a 42907 OR Honors 1545H 11:15a - 12:30p 44038

Instructor’s Name: Greg Smith 330-719-5858 (text)

Why a special course website?

YSU provides a unique website for your course. It has several advantages over other website platforms: standardization across 100+ sections per year, flexibility for instructors and students, ability to gather course data, ease of access (all course info anytime, anywhere), interactive features, constant support staff, and course memory (archives).

What’s there?

You will find everything associated with your course on the site: syllabus, forms and worksheets, interactive exercises, announcements and communication, entire course textbook, unit quizzes, grade book, and more.

How do I get access?

There are two steps to take to join your class on WebCOM.

Note: No student should purchase access twice. Inform your instructor if you purchased an access code in a previous semester and are retaking the course.

1. Purchase an access code through one of three purchase options:

 (a) Bookstore Bundle – (book, access code and GoReact), plus hard copy of text = $108.15 + tax*

 (b) Electronic access ONLY E-commerce (purchase online) - (electronic access only & GoReact bundle) ≥

$85.17+ tax*

· To purchase the online WebCOM package with GoReact bundle go to www.grtep.com to purchase.Choose “click here to purchase access now.” You will receive immediate access to the online component and GoReact.  

 (c) Hardcopy (Physical copy of the text) E-commerce (purchased online) – (Hardcopy of the text, access code, 

and GoReact bundle) - $108.15+ tax*

· To purchase a hardcopy text bundle (hardcopy text, access code, and GoReact)  go to: https://www.greatriverlearning.com/product-details/1456
When you get there, click “add to cart” and follow the prompts.

· Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with the information you need to access the online component and GoReact right away. Based on the shipping choice you make, shipping will run approximately $3-$12, and you will have the book in 4-8 days unless you choose a more expedited option.

 * - prices are approximate and subject to change.  

******PLEASE NOTE!!!! If you purchase a used textbook or borrow a friend’s textbook, you will STILL need to PURCHASE an access code and GoReact bundle. The code enables you to take all of your exams, provides all of the submission forms that are needed for this course, your syllabus, plus more.


2. Create an account:

(a) Using the access code you purchased, follow the prompts to set up your online account, then set up your GoReact 


(b) Be sure to enter your correct section number (listed at the top of this page) and email address. Use your YSU email account.

How do I use the site?

You will find the site user friendly. Here are some important tips:

1. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox

2. Get access to the site as soon as possible, and familiarize yourself with the site, the syllabus, assignments, etc.

3. Be sure to check you spam and pop-up settings to enable WebCOM functions.